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Stories of life and business from founders and professionals, told over the course of a day of recordings. We shoot the episodes on board boats in enchanting locations, which serve as the backdrop for the stories, in this format that is the first and only one of its kind in the world.

The B2B/C program is distributed through the internet and on TV. The episodes have an informal tone, and to participate, you must be a "normal professional," genuine and smiling. Our unique host is Pino Lignuso, a TV correspondent, director, and documentary filmmaker, with productions aired on the Sky platform and Rai (Italian public broadcaster).

Entrepreneurs and business people, but above all, individuals, on Linked to Alpha 2.


On May 4th, 2022, Pietro Greppi from Pubblicom Now interviewed Pino Lignuso (born Alfio Cutuli), who has built a new B2B relationship model by reworking and reinterpreting his experiences as a director and documentarian from his works aired on RAI and the Sky platform. His new project is called Linked to Alpha 2, "live your business," which is also the name of the boat that hosts the interviewees, as if it were a floating studio. But let's hear from him by asking him some questions.

How did the program come about?
The B2B commercial program connects professionals in new ways. The idea was born during the lockdown. In Switzerland, I hosted a program of a few minutes to promote companies: each entrepreneur would tell their own story and the services they offered. I mainly worked as a documentarian/director, telling stories of people for TV. I thought, why not combine the two skills? To tell the stories of entrepreneurs, founders, and freelancers from a human perspective, their stories, moments of professional success and happiness, and their personal lives. The lesser-known side of the professional, the intimate gaze as they reflect before sharing their story, their pauses, spontaneous moments – these are elements on which I focus to show the true side of those I meet, all within a single TV program filmed in a pleasant setting, with an entertaining approach, and in an empathetic and fun manner that can attract potential new clients or investors to contact the guests of the episodes.

How are participants chosen or selected?
They are chosen by themselves because our claim says: real, capable, and smiling. By "real," we mean considering individuals who have values and ethics: if you're not in order with yourself and others, you can't be as a professional. Ethics manifest in thoughts and behavior, being loyal, serious, and honest. Therefore, we avoid arrivistes or crafty individuals. "Capable" professionally doesn't mean being perfect, but giving your best in your profession. "Smiling" refers to having a happy attitude towards life.

What kind of stories are told?
All kinds, everyone has their own, whether simple or adventurous. Some people achieve professional dreams, others face difficulties in establishing a project and present themselves to find investors who appreciate their ideas. The important thing is to evoke emotions through their story and have "professional substance." Stories where values, ethics, and sacrifice are shared by an audience that can understand their meaning.

So, entrepreneurs, but above all, people?
I often notice that both entrepreneurs and businesswomen talk about what they accomplish or how they see themselves without fully understanding the great qualities they possess. Showcasing their values as human beings becomes a "natural attraction accelerator" because customers, given the same level of service, turn to companies that they feel a human connection with. Each episode is entirely dedicated to the person who talks about themselves and their company, and it is viewed online and on TV by thousands of people and companies who can then contact the episode's guest to develop business.

Where are the episodes filmed?
We film on the Linked to Alpha 2 boat among the islands in the Mediterranean (Sardinia), the Atlantic (Canary Islands), and other new locations that are coming up... 

The participants of the first season.

1 episode

luca de alberti

Luca de Alberti from Dealtech Sagl. He starts with a loan of 20,000 CHF from a friend, but he is unable to...

2 episode

harold lubberdink

In 2007, he has a need to solve with his vacation home, and from there an idea is born that he immediately starts working on...

3 episode

Riccardo Croci Torti

He is a very professional and capable Ticinese guy, cheerful and very likable, in addition to being...

4 episode

alberto salpietro

His company was growing at a rate of 200% every year with branches around the world, which he had meanwhile...

5 episode

walter savigliano

Over 23 million certified views on the advertising spaces of the portal...

6 episode

stefano folli e andrea arlanch 

He arrived late to a professional course and found himself sitting in the only empty chair in the room...

7 episode

kara harl e andrea ferrari 

After a lengthy professional correspondence, they finally met for the first time during a business trip...

8 episode

lorenzo angelini

Over time, he decided to leverage his knowledge and create a method that would help people learn English...

9 episode

alessandro procaccini

He stands out for his skills, commitment, and dedication to the company, which...

10 episode

Antonio panico 

lead him to be awarded, unbeknownst to him, by a prestigious British organization...

11 episode

Marco Zanutto 

He is a simple man, slender but with a strong character, tested by some challenging events...

12 episode

Gabriele Molteni

Practical and ambitious, he oversees every aspect of his work. He achieves great things through his company...

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